A great traditional and stylish appearance and robust door lock. It is designed to cooperate with any smart home technology. Now it works with Z-wave protocol, and it is ready for other popular protocols such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, NB-iot...

The lock can be opened by a remote controller, a keypad, an RF card or just an ordinary key.

Most importantly , it is connected to your Smart home system, so you can unlock it from your smartphone or by your Smart home system with desired trigger event! Moreover, it works with Apple Homekit through our gateway. Hence the lock can be controlled on iPhone through Siri. Just push and say: Siri, unlock the front door. Then the lock is UNLOCK!

This is the first Smart Invisible Door Lock -This is just an option. Since it is a remote-controlled lock, you don't need a key hole for this lock; the benefit is that the lock is totally invisible from outside. Hence, it is difficult for the burglars to locate the lock.

Furthermore, it has a very long battery life!

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